Why Get Involved With Motiv?


When you partner with or donate to Motiv your donation is put to work immediately. It is used in communities without convenient access to almost anything but Motiv is changing that hurdle. We service communities that can barely sustain a living for the people who live there as they are victims of circumstance not desire and Motiv is here to help.

Motiv changes all this through its programs that both educate and equip people to have a better life by giving them both the financial resources and skills needed to open businesses, pay bills, purchase living essentials such as food, medicine, clothes, school supplies, etc. to give them a chance to have the life they deserve. 

 Motiv believes handing out money is just a band-aid, attaching that handout to a series of courses designed to give people a chance is where our energy flows. And that energy creates a river of opportunity for a proven better way of life through educating and equipping them to use bitcoin as a sustainable currency when no other form of currency is available or accessible. 

Motiv Inc, an NGO and Registered 501(c)3 partners with Corporations, Bitcoin donors, and Countries to help grow and sustain the humanitarian efforts we strive to change within communities. 

Please reach out directly for more information on affiliate partnerships and donations to donate@motiv.ngo  or donate directly.


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