Alex Fedorak

Trajectory: An Infographic About Motiv’s Rapid Growth

MOTIV Infographic V3
MOTIV Trajectory Infographic

As of late, “Trajectory” is a term that has been applied to a business’ growth. The concept of trajectory can be used to connote rapid growth or to say that a business is on track to achieve its goals. There is a sense of predictability to it. In space flight it’s simply a path the rocket or orbiter is taking. A rocket’s path is predictable: although its course may change, it can still find its target and have a successful launch or orbit.

The purpose of this infographic about Motiv is to depict the concept of a trajectory and rapid growth using the metaphor of a rocket ship. Our growth at Motiv is nothing short of a blast into the heavens above and there’s no better way to equate our growth and impact on the people of Peru than by depicting a rocket ship.

From our first foray as a Non-Government Organization in mid-2020 to the start of the second quarter of 2022 we saw a 2300% growth in people served. More than 60,000 people have benefitted from and/or participated in our services. Additionally, we have established 15 Bitcoin operational micro economies, leading to more than 65 businesses in those regions to accept Bitcoin for transactions. Aside from this, Motiv has conducted and created nearly 2200 events and activities, all designed to help people help themselves.

The number of Bitcoin wallets can also be a measure of success in determining how the micro-economies are working but we prefer to look at the number of active Bitcoin wallets. These refer to wallets that are regularly being used. We currently have over 7,000 active Bitcoin wallets and by the end of the year, we predict that the count will easily eclipse 10,000. To support those transactions, we are predicting more than 100 businesses will be accepting Bitcoin as they work to help us serve over 80,000 people.

And with apologies to Sir Elton John, I don’t think it’s gonna be a long, long time and we’re not burning out any fuses here alone. Rather, we are just completing our first stage and are getting help from those we helped before. You see, our process is circular: We educate, equip, and then get out of people’s way as they become empowered and experience emancipation. This elevates not only themselves but also others as they pass along their wisdom.