Rich Swisher

An Introduction to Motiv

We at Motiv have been on a thrilling journey for about nine months now, and are excited to be able to share what we have been witnessing on our travels with the world. These are stories of amazing events, and how they impact and transform! We have accomplished a lot, just from a shallow donor base and personal funds from the founder. Launching this website is a major milestone, and our hope is that it informs and updates those who are interested in our humanitarian mission and our efforts that are proliferating Bitcoin as a circular currency! We have filed for 501c3 status but don’t expect to hear back for many months, so at this point donations cannot be guaranteed to be tax deductible. What we can guarantee though, is that your donations are absolutely necessary to Emancipate people from the systems that entrap them and Elevate them to self-sufficiency and true independence!

First, there are dual reasons as to why we have named this group Motiv, and there is a reason the “E” you are used to seeing on the end of the word, is not there. Motiv is a dynamic, fast moving and highly agile project/program/portfolio management company. Motiv is to be used as an adjective. We are about action, not theory or rhetoric. One of the definitions of the word Motiv as an adjective is: “producing physical or mechanical motion.” Our programs do just that, and in areas that most people and organizations do not want to dig in and help. The second definition of the word Motiv as an adjective is: “causing or being the reason for something.” We not only make and take action, but there are powerful layers of reasons behind the actions we make and take.

Organizationally, we operate through both predictive and agile project management principles and structures, and we utilize techniques from Lean and Kaizen to work toward operating with zero waste and with continuous improvement throughout all our operations. That is in essence where the “E” went…. With the “E” at the end of the word change the “i” sound to the long “i” sound? To get the short “I” sound, there should be no E. Also, in other languages, it is spelled without the E. We dropped the “E” from the name, but our Lean training in eliminating waste wouldn’t let us simply get rid of it. We put that E to work…

We take on projects for other organizations, or sometimes our own native projects based on how well they are aligned with that busy E. We actually have multiplied it and we now have five Es that have formed an important ethos within Motiv. The five Es lay out the formula for how we pour value into lives and into communities. At Motiv we Educate, Equip and Empower, so that the beneficiaries of our work may be Emancipated from the trappings they are in, and that they can Elevate themselves and hopefully their community to self-sufficiency and true independence. The kinds of traps that we work to free people from include but are not limited to Human Trafficking and Slavery, Economic Oppression, Economic Exclusion, Educational Exclusion, Malnutrition and lack of access to Health and Medical provision.

Armed with Bitcoin, Motiv has found game changing ways to bring true hope and deliverance to our beneficiaries to break the chains that bind them. Our various programs, participants can select individual programs or combinations of programs to holistically Emancipate and Elevate themselves and their communities. Our programs are designed to be complementary to each other and also to be adaptable to the missions, projects, and programs of other organizations. Typically, our programs come alongside and enhance the programs already in place, being conducted by other organizations. There are ways to punch through the systems that are suppressing and oppressing marginalized populations, and to refill their sense of self-dignity and most importantly to restore hope through foundational advancement for their future. We are helping plant Bitcoin micro-economies where every level of the supply chain is operating in Bitcoin as a currency and as their bank. We are working on smart-agreements to empower remote villagers to now connect meaningfully with the broader economy they have historically been geographically isolated from. We are empowering kids to complete their primary education, but also to gain access to higher education that previously was not possible. We are Educating, Equipping and Empowering the unbanked in the realities of the present financial system, Bitcoin, and the growing decentralized financial system.

We invite you to follow us on our journey through our blogs, newsletters, through a coming YouTube channel, and a coming podcast. There will also be opportunities to come work alongside us in person, and because we operate 100% on donated resources, we certainly appreciate those who would like to embody Motiv as we do and as part of the Motiv movement by contributing to the transformation that is taking place in what is now known as the ”Third World”! With growing resources to activate these programs, we can Elevate what is presently the bottom of the economy with empowerment and independence. This is, by far, the largest people group in the world. This is the people group who need Empowerment and independence more than anyone else. With independence and Empowerment this is the populace that can radically change the world for the better for all of mankind.

We are Motiv. We want you to be Motiv too!