Rich Swisher

Leydi Mayta’s Motiv Journey

A brighter future and continual hope is what drives us at Motiv. We aim to bring lasting success to those who are desperately in need of the five E’s. The five E’s, which drives a clear and consistent message at Motiv, is to Educate, Equip, and Empower the underserved, marginalized and oppressed, ultimately to Emancipate and Elevate lives into sustainable living with ever-growing purpose.

Leydi Mayta, a Venezuelan refugee who escaped to Peru with her husband and three young children four years ago. We met Leydi and her family at the beginning of the pandemic, where they were suffering from malnutrition, living without a source of income, trying to get through life one day at a time, and unable to find steady employment. We offered Leydi an opportunity to join in different projects and activities that we had created, which also helped her children to establish a routine of learning to keep up their academics. Leydi first began as a food server in our Motiv Med’s anti-malnutrition efforts and as a way to give back as we were helping her provide nutrition to her family.

Leydi’s Motivation and joy in participating in these projects began to grow. She signed up to take bakery classes to help raise her employment prospects. This incredibly hard working and dedicated woman has been serving others in Motiv Med, completing her theoretical and practical requirements in the vocational baking program offered by Motiv’s I.V.E.M. (Inclusive Vocational Educational Movement). Within as little as two months of being in the program of learning and mentorship, Leydi has decided to enroll in Motiv’s Entrepreneurship for Anyone program where she will be Educated and Equipped with the knowledge, ability and opportunity to launch her own small business of selling her baked goods and deserts in our mentored incubator for micro and small businesses. Her growth has been a force for us to continue scaling up, and more than anything, to continue to support women and mothers who are so determined to succeed and provide for their families, but who need to be infused with real hope through knowledge and guidance and mentorship. Our programs overlap and interlace. In Leydi’s case, she went from Motiv Med to I.V.E.M. to Entrepreneurship for Anyone, while her children were benefitting from the Motiv Kids program. Through all of this, Leydi is also gaining a basic financial education in traditional business bookkeeping, but also in the knowledge of Bitcoin. All of our programs are financially empowered by Bitcoin as it Empowers and Emancipates the unbanked and those who are taken advantage of by the fiat banking systems that has excluded them from the kind of opportunity they need in order to achieve self-sufficiency. Leydi’s journey is what Motiv was created for.

An Impactful Realization

Motiv is offering an opportunity for impact through 12 very hands-on and effective programs that truly Educate, Equip, Empower, Emancipate and Elevate. As hard as it can be to dwell on what is happening to individuals in these places, for Motiv it is a must in order to build the realization that comes with witnessing lives that are born into or thrust into horrifying helpless circumstances and overwhelming uncertainties. These people and their communities have been so ignored and/or oppressed and in many cases proven literally unable to simply survive. We believe that we must first deliver value to them by convincing them they do have the aptitude and then by teaching them HOW to Emancipate themselves from what has them trapped, and then Empowering them to turn that full circle and help Elevate their communities so that hope and opportunity gain momentum and spreads virally. Motiv is actively bringing about transformation for people as Leydi and her family in Peru are experiencing.

Motiv Empowers

A program like I.V.E.M. (Inclusive Vocational Training Program), offers job skills training, career advancement education, and preparation for higher education and Elevating these individuals in their communities to be self-sustaining and diving back into their communities to begin the cycle of spreading hope and becoming free from poverty and abuse, just like Leydi. Motiv serves these participants with the tools that they need to earn and hold gainful employment, earn acceptance into higher education institutions, and to even establish their own micro and small businesses.

More Than Imaginable

Leydi’s journey in finding not only Emancipation from what was once an almost impossible achievement in her eyes, has now received a sustaining and Elevated life that we are so relieved to witness and be a part of. This is just one of many fulfilling and Empowering examples of the incredible impact that we are making and continue to make, with help from those who join in these incredible opportunities. When you come alongside Motiv, there is more to gain than we have ever imagined at the start of this journey!