Changing the World One Bitcoin at a Time

Watch this preview for the Media Mavens Podcast Episode #134: Changing the World One Bitcoin at a Time

Motiv strives to improve the lives of those less fortunate through programs designed to embrace decentralized finance, specifically using Bitcoin to help better those lives.

Their mission is to execute projects for various partner organizations with the mindset of Educating, Equipping, Empowering, Emancipating, and Elevating people in communities with the greatest need.

Motiv‘s Pay with Bitcoin program is an introduction to personal finance and banking for the unbanked – an explanation of Bitcoin as a currency for them and for businesses that we have caused to transact in Bitcoin.

Teams gather hundreds of people each week, helping them download and navigate a Bitcoin wallet. They then help individuals and new merchants transact in Bitcoin to exchange merchant’s commercial goods.

With the training complete and relationships between merchants and customers established, the transactions continue going forward at the merchant’s location and the merchants pay a percentage of their employee’s wages in Bitcoin.

The final link in the bitcoin economic chain is closing the loop on the circular economy. Now producers, distributors, retail, employees, and consumers are all integrated into the same circular economy built on Bitcoin.