Motiv, benefiting in the midst of difficulties

For nine days, carriers have been on strike due to the increase in fuel and food prices. The protesters blocked free transit at the entrances to the provinces of Lima and Callao, generating violence and even looting in some places. In response to the strike of carriers, and everything that happened in the interior of the country, the government decreed a curfew on Monday to avoid disturbances due to the rise in fuel prices nationwide. The decree consisted of the citizen’s immobility that lasted from 2 in the morning until 11:59 at night on Tuesday. This caused thousands of students to return to their virtual classes; micro entrepreneurs could not carry out their activities normally and people with low resources did not receive income at home since they support themselves with daily work in outpatient commerce.

It is necessary to mention that, during the curfew, it was calculated that the country has lost around S / 1,000 million in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), due to the paralysis of economic activities that impact the finances of the Lima and Callao sector, according to experts.

Despite everything that happened, the programs organized by Motiv continued to develop normally. The children and adolescents from the different areas of the Ancón district received their School Reinforcement classes; the mothers continued with the Entrepreneurship courses and the kitchens continued to benefit the corresponding areas with food.

In addition, the program participants carried out their wallet rotation normally with the BITCOIN BEACH application. With this, they managed to pay the teachers of Reforzamiento Escolares and Emprende Perú.