Peru, Motiv, Bitcoin and Pyramids: How They Are All Related

At Motiv, we utilize our process to raise Peru’s underserved citizens to unimaginable heights. But how does this fit relative to Maslow’s Motivational Pyramid? And how far up the pyramid does our process go?
As Maslow stated, “What a man can be, he must be. This need we may call self-actualization.”

Our mission is to take people out of poverty and into prosperity using Bitcoin, which we do through Maslow’s Motivational Pyramid. We believe all humans have the potential to have a better life; we need to eliminate the barriers that are preventing them from fulfilling that goal of self-actualization.

What we do at Motiv is work with people who’ve been marginalized and help them achieve their potential. It’s natural to want better, but factors that seem out of control get in the way.

Peru is a land of pyramids, some dating further back than their more famous Egyptian doppelgangers. The workload to create these structures was undoubtedly taxing, especially considering the time limitations. But what made them succeed was far more critical than the resources at their disposal. Building pyramids needed someone with a vision who could bring together what was already there (earth and stone) and make it happen – converting the dream into reality.

That’s our role today. We have the process, provide the means, and lay the foundation. But they build and climb the pyramid; they are their resource. We instill what they already possess, a latent desire for a better life. We provide the tools and teach how to use them. They give the fortitude to free themselves from what is holding them back so they can lift themselves and their families to previously unimaginable heights. We provide opportunities for them to achieve a better life.