Alex Fedorak

One Size Does Not Fit All

At Motiv, we are committed to helping people in third world countries achieve a better life. By using education and real-world application, we help underserved people help themselves through a deliberate, proprietary process. All of our foundation’s efforts are supported through Bitcoin.

Our organization doesn’t do what it does through handouts or fiat currency, nor do we do this as charity. We do this as a comprehensive educational roadmap. Additionally, our efforts also introduce people to Bitcoin as an alternative to centralized banking and its constraints.

Motiv isn’t reinventing the wheel; we’re using what we’ve learned from others. The team behind Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador was a pioneer in introducing Bitcoin to Latin America. Destined to become the world’s first Bitcoin-based tourist attraction, Bitcoin Beach started in the village of El Zonte. It is one of the places targeted to address teen violence, along with the constraints related to managing personal finances. Bitcoin Beach’s success led to having El Salvador’s government formally accept Bitcoin as a legitimate currency. This opened the door for the population to embrace this new financial world order.

What Motiv discovered, however, is that “one size does not fit all”. What worked in El Salvador and specifically in El Zonte wouldn’t work in the areas where we wanted to focus our efforts, which was in the country of Peru.

We had to come up with a system that could accommodate the diversity that the country of Peru was famous for – the people, culture and geography of the Andes are different from the jungle and the beaches.  As such, Peru presented a special opportunity.

Motiv also discovered that we needed to do more than educate about Bitcoin. We needed to get even more fundamental in our educational efforts. To do this, we taught some of the basics of life like personal care, medical support, nutrition, vocational education, and small business operations. All of these lessons were given in addition to the basics of finance and Bitcoin.

With an eye on the future, we created supporting programs in Peru. Motiv trained people how to run these programs and kept an in-country staff to oversee operations. We learned that the multi-generational chain of poverty could be broken. People had a will, but they lacked the means to apply it.

Our programs in Peru have been in operation for more than a year. We’re pleased to report that results have been staggering no matter the metric – families served, skills taught and learned, or new businesses created. Currently, many new Bitcoin wallets have been activated and are actively transacting in Bitcoin. We’re also happy to report that Motiv’s programs in Peru have saved several people from oppression.

We found that our systems worked in the Andes, where needs differed from the jungle and the beaches. The same also holds true for those regions. This was because we designed our programs to be tailored not only to the region, but also to the needs of the people we serve.

Equally important, our programs can run one-on-one or in a village setting. This ensures that Motiv’s programs can reach anywhere from areas with a few dozen families to those with hundreds of families.

We’ll share more about our programs in future installments. Until then, you can keep track of us on social media. You can find us by searching for motivngoglobal on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Programs implemented in Peru: