Motiv Launches Series Of Programs To Help Build Bitcoin Circular Economies

Bitcoin Used To Save Lives

LOS ANGELES, CA, Aug 17, 2022 –Motiv, an NGO utilizing Bitcoin to combat poverty in impoverished countries, announces it has launched a series of Life Saving Step Programs in Peru to educate and equip underdeveloped communities with job skill training, technology infrastructure, education, business support and personal guidance among others.

Motiv initially created the Life Saving Step Program to provide communities with proper footwear to combat sickness and to educate them on why proper footwear matters. The program has already eliminated up to 15% mortality rate in young children in remote locations like the Andes and Amazon. As Motiv started building more Bitcoin Circular Economies™ Their initiatives have evolved into a series of established programs to help with the basic needs of sustainable living. 

These programs serve as the platform in which Bitcoin Circular Economies™ are built. 

Motiv programs include: 

  • Pay with Bitcoin Motiv’s introductory program for personal banking and finance and how individuals can use Bitcoin as a currency in their everyday lives.
  • I.V.E.M. (Inclusive Vocational Educational Movement)A job skills training program which helps create jobs and prepare individuals choosing to pursue higher education. 
  • Entrepreneurship for AnyoneMeant for individuals who’ve graduated I.V.E.M. and have chosen to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Provides training, guidance, funding options, and ongoing mentorship to build businesses that transact in Bitcoin to help foster community and individual development. 
  • Motiv KidsDedicated to providing minors with quality education, social enrichment and extracurricular skill development with the intent of breaking the cycle of poverty and violence.
  • Motiv TechDevelops and maintains Motiv‘s technology infrastructure, hardware and software for internal and commercial use.
  • Motiv Nexus Motiv’s internal branch of infrastructure, service providers and retail businesses that double as vocational and career training centers and as wholesale distributors for other Motiv programs.

“We created these programs because we felt everyone deserves to have the education and access to basic skills to survive on a daily basis,” says Richard Swisher, CEO & co-Founder for Motiv, Inc. “With the implementation of our programs, the people we serve are given the support and means to help build their own communities.”   

Motiv will continue to expand on these Life Saving Step Programs as it extends its reach into Argentina, Guatemala, and Jamaica. Motiv continues to evaluate community needs globally so it can create and implement new programs world-wide. 


Founded in July 2020, Motiv, Inc. strives to improve the lives of those less fortunate. The Company does this through various programs designed to provide those in need with the opportunity to thrive and survive through the use of bitcoin which gives people and their communities a better chance to succeed. For more information on Motiv, Inc or to donate to the NGO, please visit

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Motiv empowers the disempowered and emancipates people from oppression using Bitcoin.