Powered by Motiv, Bitcoin is the leading currency in over 16 circular economies in Peru

First Country in South America to Fully Establish the Use of Bitcoin

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 10, 2022 –Motiv, an NGO utilizing bitcoin to help systemically repressed people attain financial stability announces it has launched a series of programs in Peru, where the nonprofit has established 16 circular economies. Motiv applies the concept of educating and equipping underdeveloped communities with programs featuring tools and courses designed to use bitcoin as its currency in the absence of centralized banking.

Located in the United States with operations in Peru, the team behind Motiv is dedicated to fulfilling its pledge to provide “opportunity, not charity” for impoverished people and communities worldwide.

Founded in July 2020, Motiv’s focus is to use bitcoin as a tool to help people in need. Motiv’s programs include educating people about bitcoin while developing new skills, teaching merchants about bitcoin, and keeping individuals engaged in the growth of the community. Together, these actions lay the foundation for a circular bitcoin economy.

“Unlike many groups that just donate money to those in need, Motiv recognizes that handing out cash may be at best a short-term solution but lacks the education and skills training for longer sustainability,” says Richard Swisher, CEO and co-Founder of Motiv. “As bitcoin gains a toehold in impoverished communities, we are pleased to see the increase of adoption and excitement emerge from its citizens as new businesses are formed using bitcoin, and more people become engaged with the currency by using it in their daily lives.”

Motiv was launched with the firm belief that it can fix many problems communities face by building circular bitcoin economies throughout the world. Opportunity is created through these circular economies which promote growth, specialization, and an overall improvement in quality of life. Thanks to the global proliferation of mobile phones (nearly 80 percent saturation in Peru), the adoption of bitcoin is easy to initiate when measured against the constraints of centralized banking in remote regions in the world.


Founded in July 2020, Motiv, Inc. strives to improve the lives of those less fortunate. The Company does this through various programs designed to provide those in need with the opportunity to thrive and survive through the use of bitcoin which gives people and their communities a better chance to succeed. For more information on Motiv, Inc or to donate to the NGO, please visit

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Motiv empowers the disempowered and emancipates people from oppression using Bitcoin.