Giving the Power back to the People

Motiv educates and equips voiceless, marginalized, and disempowered people worldwide with the skill set to use Bitcoin to survive. Motiv gives the power back to the people with the use of Bitcoin.

Motiv works with people and communities but the meat of what we are doing lies with people who feel trapped by the bonds of poverty. And that is the controlling influence for them – the notion that, because their parents and grandparents lived in poverty, so must they.

Not anymore. Once Motiv’s staff trains these individuals, knowledge becomes obtainable, skills become learnable, and opportunity becomes possible. With their new training, these individuals can use what they’ve learned to better their communities while opening opportunities for gainful employment or even forming their businesses.

Once they’ve learned how to manage their money correctly, these communities are free from the constraints of centralized banking and fiat currency and can achieve unimaginable goals. They already exist in societies where Bitcoin has taken root and used it to form their microeconomy – and it works.

The digital age knows no bounds, reaching even the most outlying villages in remote Peru. Already equipped with mobile phones and familiar with their operation, adding a Bitcoin wallet was easy to assimilate with fundamental training in money management and the very basics of finance. These communities are beginning to thrive, with the feeling that a better life is coming. With their newfound skills and ability, they can make it so. They control their emancipation. Motiv exists to ensure individuals in need can break the chains of poverty.